The Service Channel

Graham Letchford, the Managing Director of Protektor, started the company after selling a similar product for three years. Problems with supply, warranty replacement procedures and after sales support, motivated Graham to develop an Australian made product.


Protektor The best rust protection in the world today! The focus of Protektor's distribution channels is to support these distributors and retailers in all aspects of the sales and marketing process. This is achieved by providing sales aids such as brochures, banners, web access, stickers and more.


Many of the distributor's products are branded with their own company name and logos. Protektor Australia maintain a level of  product for the purpose of  replacement warranty and a reserve of product in the United Arab Emirates for the overseas distributor. Graham believes a customer shouldn't wait for weeks for a warranty claim.


Creating a service network within the Protektor distributors has enhanced the product to stand out above the rest.



"Our goal is to fulfil warranty obligations within 24hrs"

Graham Letchford