Steel Frames homes

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In July 2004, Protektor was approached by a Central Queensland steel frame manufacturer, Macbuilt Steel Homes, who was looking for a rust prevention package to offer as a standard feature of  their product. In just a short time the interest from home owners and builders has increased beyond that of any other Protektor product.


 Protektor is excited to be able to provide consumers with an off the shelf solution that not only protects the steel frame but also extends to household appliances eg: fridge, freezer etc. The SS04 is hidden away neatly inside the manhole. All cabling is routed inside the wall and access points are located behind appliance areas.


coolum sunrise

 The SS04 is less expensive than most termite prevention solutions and can offer a reduction to the paint fade on your colourbond products. This solution is an investment that every steel home owner should have.


By using a product manufactured by Protektor you can be assured you are giving your house the best possible protection available.